To support the brand new Brazilian Law, which limits and criminalize the security researching process, I have removed all my codes from the Internet.

From most of security researchers' understanding, including myself, this Law is really, really poor on its essence and fails to describe what is a malicious use of technology and differentiate it from security researching.

It is not the same thing happened in Germany, because this Law (also known as Carolina Dieckmann Law[1] [2]) is not only against hosting... Any proof-of-concept, resulting from a research, is against the law.

Here is the worse part of the law, which does not differentiate malicious from researching:
"§ 1º Na mesma pena incorre quem produz, oferece, distribui, vende ou difunde dispositivo ou programa de computador com o intuito de permitir a prática da conduta definida no caput." (Lei Nº 12.737)
As you can see, the author of a Trojan Horse is equally guilty comparing to a security researching that releases any proof-of-concept for a new vulnerability or anything else related to security matters.

Basically this law says that Metasploit Framework, CORE ImpactImmunity CANVAS and BackTrack Linux (Penetration Testing Distribution), if designed, created, distributed or sold by any Brazilian citizen, are in the same scope of Slammer, Blaster, Zeus, and any other malicious tools. OMG!!!

So, I am removing everything related to my personal researching, once I can be considered an outlaw.

[1] Supostas fotos íntimas da atriz Carolina Dieckmann caem na internet
[2] Carolina Dieckmann diz que processo sobre fotos íntimas anda em ‘ritmo da justiça do Brasil’